What We DO

R E R SOLUTIONS helps your company save money by finding ways to operate your owned or leased facilities more efficiently. Our methodology focuses on objectively assessing existing conditions and prescribing sensible, asset-appropriate solutions that lower operating expenses and create value.

By identifying what "shade of green" makes sense for your properties, we develop customized, cost-effective strategies and ROI analyses that achieve your efficiency goals. R E R Solutions also provides expert project & construction management services to ensure strategy implementation occurs with the highest level of quality control.

R E R Solutions:

R E R Solutions assists in optimizing the performance of owned and leased commercial real estate.

By aligning real estate + operational strategies with environmental stewardship goals, a more unified, informed decision-making process emerges for facilities.

This process yields consistent and measurable results which save money through reduced OPEX, improved market relevance of your real estate holdings and an enhanced corporate brand. R E R Solutions:

  • Aligns real estate and operational decisions with sustainability objectives

  • Provides strategic and technical guidance at early project stages to prevent time, money, effort and resources from being wasted or misallocated

  • Communicates clearly and proactively with project team members about requirements and expectations throughout all project phases

R E R Solutions creates and implements sustainability strategies, standards, best practices/metrics, reports, programs and training throughout an organization.

Integrating sustainable strategies into all aspects of your business yields a more unified effort toward achieving environmental objectives – whether related to real estate and operations, or raising awareness of what your company is doing to positively impact the environment.

R E R Solutions provides:

  • Corporate facility design, finish selection and construction standards
  • Corporate environmental standards and internal policy statements
  • Corporate sustainability reports
  • Best practices/benchmarking for facilities and company operations
  • Corporate educational programs on sustainability and green building guidelines
  • Employee training on how to adhere to implemented green building policies

R E R Solutions expertly manages all site-selection, design and construction processes to ensure:

  • accurate budgetary & schedule planning + delivery
  • compliance with desired levels of green building protocol & internal strategies
  • a highly-coordinated effort between brokers, architects, engineers, vendors & contractors.

Regardless of the "shade of green" preferred, our unique expertise will help projects achieve an elevated level of facility performance and environmental stewardship.

By providing expert project leadership, we diligently qualify, quantify and implement the most appropriate sustainable solutions for your budget, business model and brand.


R E R Solutions facilitates LEED® Certification (or highest level of compliance) for leased or owned facilities.

By identifying key issues, tradeoffs and pitfalls we assist you in making informed decisions about "what shade of green" is most feasbile for your project.

Pursuing USGBC LEED® Certification for leased spaces and buildings requires careful evaluation of project budgets, schedules and other considerations.

If LEED® Certification is desired, navigating the registration/planning/implementation process is made easier by utilizing an independent LEED Accredited Professional.

If a less-ambitious green path is preferred, we offer a wide array of practical practices and solutions that will help increase operational efficiency and related cost savings, while elevating your level of environmental stewardship.

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